GPS TrackMaker

GPS TrackMaker 13.9

Creates, edits and transfers GPS track projects
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Geo Studio Technology Ltd

Create and transfer waypoints, tracklogs, and routes using your GPS system and a personal computer. The utility uses the Real-Time Navigation routine to connect the GPS device to portable hardware and updating the info on your current location, editing background vectorial maps, etc.

GPS TrackMaker is the most complete free program for GPS devices. Using the Real-Time Navigation routine you can go out with a GPS conected to a portable computer, knowing exactly what's your location on the map.

Main features:

- Supports background vectorial maps which open very fast on screen
- Complete support for Tracklogs, Routes and Waypoints edition
- Database with more than 280 different datums
- The data can be stored in TXT , GTM and other formats.

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